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What does it take to be one of the best Temecula wineries? It takes giving a wine tasting experience like no other in Temecula! There is such a place. It's known as Gershon Bachus Vitners. It's unique. It's luxurious. It's what a wine tasting experience should be. It's these traits that distinguish Gershon Bachus Vitners as one of the best Temecula wineries!

"The best winery in the valley. Heading there with my family for the first wine clique party. 
Kenny and Cristina are the best and the wine is great."
- Robert H., Santa Margarita, CA

To experience Gershon Bachus or GBV as it's many guests and "Clique" members warmly refer to is as, is to know what a truly "grand" wine tasting means. It means you enjoy a seated tasting while your host is seated directly in front of you. You will revel in wines that are at least 4 years old and often even older. At GBV as your wine host is sharing their compelling wine knowledge with you they are also enjoying the aged wines right along with you. It's this relaxed and comfortable environment that makes Gershon Bachus one of the best Temecula wineries.

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"We we're just going to check this place out; you know a quick drink and run to the next winery. 
Didn't happen, we started chit-chatting with a few folks and had the best time, so much that we're now members of the "Clique." 
Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome! The wines are OUTSTANDING!"
- JuMaBri Fernandez

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As you enter Gershon Bachus's grand yet intimate tasting room you will feel as if you are going into an exquisite private Tuscan Villa. Our sincere belief is that the best qualities of a wine will shine through even that much greater when the atmosphere and guests are in complete harmony with each other. When you are at GBV relishing in the epitome of quality wines you will feel as if you are having a day in paradise. You will probably even get a chance to meet and chat with GBV's owners Kenny and Christina. They are often in our tasting room making our guests feel like family!

"Exceptional wines and an off-the-beaten-path experience that most visitors will never know
about make Gershon Bachus one of the hidden gems of Temecula Wine Country."
- John Kelliher

Gershon Bachus is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (For Saturday wine tastings check our calendar to see if we are open or having a private exquisite wedding).

Your opulent wine tasting will include our estate varietals; Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel, Grenache and Roussanne. You will also savor our Napa Cabs, Red Blends, White Blends and Zinfandel Dessert wine. Our tasting flights will vary to give you variety as you will be returning often to GBV because it is one of the best Temecula Wineries.

"Excellent Experience from Owners Ken and Christina. Presented with a sit down classy atmosphere, we were entertained, educated
and elated with the results of our amazing tasting. So much so, that we decided to buy a mixed case before leaving"...
- Jake Lewis

As you are enjoying your wine tasting ask your host about becoming a member of GBV's exclusive wine "Clique" (That is if the "Clique" is still open to new members). As a "Clique" member you become entitled to the ultimate GBV wine tasting experience.  You'll receive private discounts, "Clique" exclusive wines, access to VIP areas and events. Along with bevy of additional benefits that will have you asking yourself why you didn't become a "Clique" member sooner!

"Simply said you must visit this beautiful European style winery...  
it is unique and the wine is fabulous!"
- Tamra G., Murrieta, CA

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Planning a wedding or an event?... Have it here at one of the best Temecula wineries. Let Christina, one of the winery owners and wedding planner extraordinaire personally "handcraft" your wedding giving you the "Dream" wedding you have always wanted. Your GBV wedding gives you the promise of breathtaking views and a once-in-a-lifetime day that you will cherish for years to come and beyond.

"Christina was so helpful--she organized the vendors and made sure everything was running smoothly the day of the wedding.  She also was very quick to
respond to all of my slightly OCD emails during the planning stages, which I appreciated.  The location is absolutely beautiful, feels very posh and private. 
People still mention to me how beautiful and special my wedding was."
- Tamara M., Burbank, CA

Kenny and Christina, GBV owners, invite you to come and join them to enjoy their hand-crafted wines while seated in the plush and relaxing atmosphere. By the time your ready to leave, you will consider Kenny and Christina enchanting good friends. That's what it's all about at GBV one of the best Temecula wineries.

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