Best Wineries in Temecula

The best wineries in Temecula are the ones that have an intimate and unique tasting room. Here's a tasting room like no other in Temecula with it's relaxing and cozy atmosphere. You have just entered into Southern California's hidden gem of a winery...

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Here's what Kate thought about her Gershon Bachus experience...
I wish I could give GVB 100 stars, that is how much I loved them! - Kate W., Great Lakes, IL

temecula best wineries

Welcome to one of the best wineries in Temecula, Gershon Bachus Vitners... otherwise known as "GBV" to our many guests and "Clique" members that have experienced the extraordinary luxury of the Gershon Bachus tasting room.

You will  unwind, sit back back and relax as you savor the tastes and flavors of these "Wine Enthusiast" award winning wines. You will even mix and mingle with winery owners Christina and Kenny as they welcome you into one of the best wineries in Temecula.

John enjoyed GBV so much he bought 8 bottles...
This is a wonderful place for a tasting!!! Wines are excellent! 
Left with 8 bottles of variety!! Dog friendly too!!!! - John O., Hermosa Beach, CA

GBV's exceptional tasting experience is what makes it not only one of the best wineries in Temecula, that includes all of Northern California too! As you sit for your seated tasting, your knowledgeable host will share with you the intriguing history about Kenny's Grandfather, Gershon Bachus himself.

Sal thinks Gershon Bachus is one of the best wineries in Temecula...
Great place to visit and stay a while. Had the pleasure to meet Ken and a few staff members and they
gave me and my friend the best tasting experience I have had so far in Temecula. - Sal M., Los Angeles, CA

During your GBV tasting adventure you may even get a chance to chat with our winemaker Dakota. He's in the tasting room often making sure our guests are relishing in the awe-inspiring wines and the luxurious atmosphere. Dakota's wine knowledge and experience started "in the vines" when he was in his teens here in Temecula. He meticulously soaked in all the learning he could of how to make over 100 varietals. Over the next eight years Dakota worked for Temecula Valley Winery Management producing critically acclaimed and award winning wines for over 20 wineries. We are now fortunate to have his extensive wine making expertise here at Gershon Bachus.

Dakota Denton - Gershon Bachus Winemaker

Dakota Denton - Gershon Bachus Winemaker

Great wine, comfortable tasting experience, friendly staff... couldn't ask for more. - D.E., Covina, CA

Come and experience one of the best wineries in Temecula on Friday's, Saturday's or Sunday's (For Saturday wine tastings, check our calendar to see if we are open or having a private elegant wedding)... So come and have your senses heighten to new levels as you taste GBV's splendid aged wines.

Guy certainly had a great time at GBV...
Some of the BEST wines in Temecula Valley if not THE BEST!!!! And the owner has me laughing and having a great time!!! - Guy W., Winchester, CA

During your tasting ask your wine host about becoming one of our exclusive "Clique" members (That is, if there is any availability in the "Clique" still left!). Once you become a "Clique" member, Kenny and Christina will personally "Welcome you to the GBV family!"

Gorgea tells you why she became a "Clique" member...
LOVE LOVE LOVE this winery.  I've been twice, after tasting their zin the first time there was no question I'd be a "Clique" member. 
Come here to relax, sit and enjoy the tasting without the feeling of being rushed to make room for the next group. - Gorgea D., Carlsbad, CA

Looking for the perfect venue and setting for your romantic and treasured once-in-a-lifetime wedding or event? Gershon Bachus is becoming as well know for their weddings and events as they are for their exceptional wines! Call Christina at 877 - I.LUV.GBV (877.458.8428) or email her at to arrange your private wedding tour and consultation.

Here's what Kristin thought of her wedding here at GBV...
When we were looking for wedding venues, we searched all over the Temecula wineries and we fell in LOVE when we saw Gershon Bachus!
From the moment we met Christina and Kenny, we felt like family! They were so great about answering all of our questions while showing us around. 
Christina had tons of great ideas for things we could do and ways to save money. All of the recommended vendors she has are FABULOUS!!! - Kristin O.

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Come and relish in a GBV tasting... while you're enjoying our award winning wines, check in on Facebook to let your friends and family know that you are at one of the best wineries in Temecula!

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