Best Winery in Temecula

The best winery in Temecula is Gershon Bachus Vintners. Otherwise known as GBV to it's guests and "Clique" members. Because in every wine region, there is always that one special winery that stands above all the rest! Here in the SoCal wine region Gershon Bachus Vintners has the best Temecula wines.

"My parents ended up joining the "Wine Clique" here last Saturday. 
We came in for our first tasting experience, and were very impressed with how the tasting room is set up. 
You sit down to taste, which I liked. The tasting experience felt very intimate. We definitely enjoyed a number
of the wines available, and even got to try a few that were off the wine list."

~Helen B., Temecula, CA~

Gershon Bachus Vintners is a one-of-a-kind tasting experience! What makes it so special and different from the other Temecula wineries?... At GBV you enjoy a seated tasting, while your wine host actually sits across from you. Your host will fill you in on the fascinating history of GBV and give you insights on how to enjoy the best red wines in Temecula all the while give you a magical wine tasting experience at the best winery in Temecula. Check our calendar for our hours.

"What a great experience, we visited several winery and found
this place to have the best tasting wines. Fun ambiance, great views and pet friendly. 
Owners made us feel welcomed and we will definitely return."

~Bea T., Cathedral City, CA~

best winery in temecula

To be the best winery in Temecula you have to have wines that are clearly high above all the rest of the other wineries. Here at GBV we do exactly that! Most wineries in Temecula are serving 2012, 2013 and some even 2014 wines. These young wines have had no time to age, to get flavorful, to mature with a nice finish - it's just not going to happen with such young wines. Here at Gershon Bachus Vintners our 2005 Cab and 2007 Cab (which are on our tasting menu) have both received a 93 rating from The Wine Enthusiast and are considered the best red wines in Temecula . This is why we are considered one of the favorite Temecula wineries over and over again!

"Excellent cabs and cute banquet area for weddings. 
Went wine tasting and had a fun experience. 
The owners happened to be there and where very entertaining. 
Not to mention their cool dog Frankie too!"

~Bianca Y., Irvine, CA~

Our winemaker Dakota Denton was practically raised in the vines of Temecula! He started his wine making journey in his mid-teens working in the fields of Temecula Wine Country. Shortly thereafter Dakota's passion for wine making became evident when he started working a Temecula winery's production room and was exposed to the vast amount of knowledge that his mentor at the time had. Dakota soaked up the knowledge at an enormous rate and soon was crafting wines for over 20 Temecula wineries. Now Dakota is making the best Temecula wines at GBV!

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"I almost never leave a review for any place because really, who has that kind of time?
But Christina and her staff deserve every great thing I can think of to say about them because seriously. 
They are just AMAZING and I LOVED Oscar Meyer and wanted to cuddle him for DAYS. My girls and
I stumbled in here purely by accident last Sunday and I can say hands down, had the BEST time."

~Annie N., Garden Grove, CA~

GBV... The best winery in Temecula has what it calls it's "Clique." When you join the "Clique" (free to join) you become a "Cliquer" or another way to say it, is you are now a part of the Gershon Bachus Family! The "Clique" is GBV's exclusive wine club that is very limited to how many members they will have in total. What separates GBV's "Clique"from all other wine clubs?... At GBV you get to pick the wines you want! Where at other wineries they dictate to you what you get in your shipment. So... When you go in for your seated tasting ask your wine host if there is still room in the "Clique" for a new member of the family at the best winery in Temecula.

"I have mixed feelings about telling the world how fabulous this winery is. After one visit, 
I don't want to go anywhere else. I also selfishly don't want huge crowds there either! 
The best wine tasting experience I have ever had!"

~Shelley Brayton - FB Review~

best temecula wines

Are you looking for a Winery Wedding Venue? Here at Gershon Bachus Vintners your elegant wedding takes center stage as we only focus on one wedding at a time. The entire winery is yours! We close the tasting room and transform it into a magical wonderland that you and your guests will marvel at!

Don't take our word for it, here are reviews from very satisfied Brides and Grooms!...

"Where to start... My husband and I were married at GBV in June. Our wedding day was perfect. 
Leading up to the wedding Christina (the owner) was helpful and informative. She was accommodating
and reassuring (especially when I was stressed out). Our wedding day was perfect."

~Casie S., Corona Del Mar, CA~


"This is an update to my previous review, which was a review of the winery.  Now I am writing a review of
Gershon Bachus Vinters as a wedding venue. My husband and I were recently married here and I give it two very
enthusiastic thumbs up! (Clueless anyone?). Christina and Kenny, the owners of Gershon Bachus Vinters (GVB)
earned every single one of the five stars that I have rated them. Our wedding was absolutely perfect in every way!"

~Marlena S., Redondo Beach, CA~

best red wines in temecula

"My husband and I got married here last November.  Everyone involved made it the perfect day.  The customer
service here was outstanding and we felt so at home and happy.  Christina and Kenny are amazing people and
I'm so happy we found this place! The service was perfect, food is still being talked about today, and my wedding
pictures are better than anyone I know! Beautiful setting to get married or do anything for that matter! 
To top it all off, we loved the wine!! Gershon Bachus was the perfect place for our perfect day."

~Bree, Fullerton, CA~


"David and I had our wedding ceremony and reception at GBV and I have to say it was everything I could have
dreamed for and MORE!  Family and friends can't stop talking about the impeccable views, the food selection,
music, and romantic feel. Christina was there every step of the way. Answered every email in a timely manner and
truly made our wedding day so incredibly special. Our big day was just 72 hours ago and I catch myself
daydreaming about it still. I am still picturing myself standing at the top of those stairs with my Dad at the base of
the stairs looking up smiling at me with tears in his eyes. A memory I will cherish for the rest of my life."

~Michelle M., Anaheim, CA~

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