First On-Site Crush

This week has been one for the books here at GBV.  Along with a new website, we harvested and crushed our Zinfandel for the first time on-premesis. The grapes are fermenting in our concrete tanks and this year’s fruit is beautiful.  Our production pad was extremely useful and our team did a great adjusting to the new work area.  

Armed with a six-pack of PBR tallboys, lead winemaker, Dakota, led the team to a perfect crush.  The grapes this year were so perfect and packed so tight, we managed crushed only half the 2014 Zephyrus, which yielded about 3.5 tons.  More to come.    Fides is still on the vines for a later harvest.  Hesperus (Grenache) and Erato (Cab Franc) to follow shortly.

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