New Wine Clique Policy - Effective January 1, 2016

To our Clique family & Friends,

It has been well over a year or so since we successfully initiated and began managing our GBV “Clique.”  We all giggle that this is not a club but a “Clique.” And we all know the difference between a membership at GBV and the other Temecula Wineries. 

We believe we have an interactive and mature approach with our members and we know you all appreciate the ability to select any of our wines to your liking instead of giving you random selections, which might better suit our inventory status than your palates. We allow everyone to manage their pick up cycle based on their starting month and we only ship based on your request. We encourage our members to come in and taste every 4 months.  We believe this is the best policy as we want you to come in and taste the new releases.

As with anything new, our process is not without trial and tribulations, as we learned when many of our members were unable to responded to their pick-up notifications.  We know this was primarily that life got in the way, and the pick up cycle came and went.  But this has now become somewhat of an issue in the management of the clique.  We have spent so much time trying to follow up, and when the member finally comes in, it causes confusion for our educators in the tasting room. 

GBV has a really easy plan to highlight our small membership and keep our wine aging for the proper amount of time.  In order to be successful and manage the production, our small membership needs to follow through with their planned pickups.  Our quality and pricing will remain superior and consistent based on our managing the clique accordingly.

As of January 1st 2016 we will be bringing all of our membership up to date.  We will be auditing sales by your telephone number and sign up dates.  If you have missed your pickups, we will charge your card accordingly.  If you wish to bring yourself current, please do so before January 1st.  We will have a list put together to indicate who has fallen behind.

Going forward our 12 bottle members will be charged in the month of your scheduled pick up in the amount of $150.0 on the credit card you have on file.  When you come in for tastings and your pick up, you will have a credit in the file and you can use that towards your wine selections.  You will be notified that your card has been charged and you are welcome to come in and select your wine or have it delivered to your desired address.   You are still making the choice of fine wines.  If you come in prior, then we take care of everything while you are here.   If you choose to ship your wine, we will apply the tasting charge ($30.00) towards the UPS cost.  For our 24 bottle members, you will be charged $300.00.  For 36 bottle members you will be charged $450.00        

We hope you will understand our need to put this process in place.  The Gershon Bachus Vintners brand emulates quality.   We want to share our time and wine with you, our most loyal clientele.  In the past years we have had so much fun and we thank you for your support and friendship.

As we close out 2015, we want to thank you for such an amazing year.  And we hope to see you soon or at our Big Band party on December 22nd!

Love and cheers to all,

Christina, Kenny & your GBV staff


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