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The Wedding Venues in Temecula have become one of Southern California's most popular wedding locations. Have your wedding at the most elegant estate and magical winery in Temecula... Gershon Bachus Vintners (GBV), with it's Tuscan Villa architecture nestled against magnificent vineyard views. It's your time to make this day, the most important day of your life... last forever! Your wedding day at Gershon Bachus Vintners is the Temecula winery wedding that other brides will envy.

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Hilda knows that GBV is the best of all the wedding venues in Temecula.
Here's what she had to say about her GBV wedding on
"Absolute Perfection!... 
Gershon Bachus Vintners is the perfect and a very intimate wedding destination. Christina and Ken, the winery owners, were super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way to our perfect wedding day. They truly made us feel like family! We still get comments from our friends on how much they enjoyed our wedding and how beautiful the vineyard was."


At Gershon Bachus YOUR more than a bride... You're a GBV Bride! For your elegant enchanting Wedding here at GBV, you have the entire winery estate for just you, your family and guests to enjoy. We close the winery the day of your wedding. Your wedding is the only event going on... It is truly "all about you" and your special day here at Gershon Bachus winery, the most personable and finest of all the wedding venues in Temecula!

Here's the 5 star review Cassie gave GBV on
"Where to start… My husband and I were married at GBV in June. Our wedding day was perfect. Leading up to the wedding Christina (the owner) was helpful and informative.
She was accommodating and reassuring (especially when I was stressed out). Our wedding day was perfect. I stressed about the timing, but Christina was calming and made me feel as
though everything would work out. She coordinated and handled everything amazingly. Did I mention our wedding was perfect… I appreciate all the help from the GBV family and Christina.
And unlike many weddings that I have been to, the food and wine were amazing!"


                             Christina and Ken - GBV Winery Owners

                             Christina and Ken - GBV Winery Owners

From the moment you have your private wedding tour and consultation with Christina, one of GBV's owner's, you will feel and understand that your wedding will be an absolute joy and pleasure to plan with her. Your wedding planning experience will be that of ease, fun and a very happy time in your life as it should be! You will not feel the stress and anxiety that other Brides do at other wedding venues in Temecula, because you have your very own personal wedding planner in Christina. With her over 20 years of wedding and event planning expertise and experience there isn't any situation that could come up that Christina cannot eloquently handle.

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And for your sunset wedding ceremony, your backdrop is the breathtaking views of surrounding vineyards and majestic mountains as your guests watch the two of you become man and wife, in pure amazement as they look on from the Great Lawn. It's moments like this that makes GBV one of the best wedding venues in Temecula.

Here's how Michelle describes her GBV Wedding Day in detail on

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Your memorable wedding day will start hours before the ceremony as you and your wedding party enjoy the fully appointed GBV Bridal Suite that is your haven for the entire day and evening. You will be pampered with the ultimate service and amenities that you deserve for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

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Immediately following your memorable Wedding ceremony, your guests will be escorted to GBV's picturesque covered patio overlooking our Grenache Estate Vineyard. They will be pampered with award winning wines, gourmet appetizers as they reminisce about your ceremony they just witnessed.

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Schedule your private Wedding tour with Christina at GBV one of the best wedding venues in Temecula...
or Call: (877) 458-8428

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