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Transported to Tuscany
Gershon Bachus Vintners is an exclusive, private fine wine producing Estate in the Temecula Valley with spectacular views of the mountains, horse farms, and surrounding vineyards. We cater to weddings and special events alike and strive to create truly unforgettable experiences.
Inagural Year
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Gershon Bachus was a simple man who immigrated to the United States from Europe in 1922 with his wife and two girls. He brought with him a zest for life and agriculture with only a few concepts for fine wine. Like many transplanted Europeans, he continued to make wine for his friends and family but never realized his dream of owning his own vineyard in California.

84 years later, Gershon's fantasy was fulfilled by his grandson, Ken, and his wife, Christina. The family winemaking tradition now lives on in Temecula, California, where the lifestyle described in the many stories from the old country has been captured. Family, Friends and Food.
Ken & Christina
Our Life’s Philosophy
Is Not Complicated
Live Well.  Love Much.  Laugh Often.
And always remember that life's too short to drink bad wine.
Our Winemaker
Dakota Denton
Dakota, our current lead winemaker, was born and bred in Temecula, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge of the grapes that thrive in the region.
Dakota Denton
Dakota Dentona and his family have lived in Temecula since the 1970's. A true local, Dakota–along with his 6 brothers all bearing the same initials, "DD"–found himself working in a relatively young Temecula wine country in his teens.

His passion for wine became evident when working in Baily's production room during harvests. Under the tutalidge of Mike Renney and young winemaker, Tim Kramer, Dakota learned the makings of not just one wine, but perhaps 100 different varietals–carefully watching and learning.

Dakota continued to further his craft during his 8 year tenure at Temecula Valley Winery Management, where he participated in the making of wine for at least 20 wineries.
In November of 2013, he was named head winemaker at Gershon Bachus; however, he has been part of the GBV family for years, always willing to offer a helping hand.

Dakota is now orchestrating our production on-site—a first for GBV. Here, he will continue to fulfill the standards our Clique members and fans alike have come to expect, while also working to introduce several new varietals from his extensive background to the GBV line-up.
Former Winemaker
Joe Vizcaino
Joe, our second winemaker, continued to define the quality standard and style we now come to expect from a GBV varietal.
Joe Vizcaino
In 2006, Joe realized his passion for winemaking. He decided he would spare no effort in his pursuit of knowledge in both viticulture and viniculture, taking classes at UC Davis, enrolling in the American Sommolier Association, and and working his way up at Leonesse—from wine server to Host Manager.

In 2008, Joe approached Michael Tingley and asked to grow with GBV. Naturally, Michael took him under his wing as his assistant from 2008-2010. During this time, Joe learned to appreciate and foster GBV-style wines and perfected his technique. In 2010, he took the reigns and became GBV's Head Winemaker.

Joe's philosophy paralleled that of GBV: Good food, good association, and good wine combine to create the most memorable experiences.
From 2010 to 2013, Joe continued to elevate the quality of GBV's offerings, creating the following outstanding varietals:

• 2010 5-2-2-5 Villa Vino Melange
• 2013 Aglaea Rousanne/Viognier Blend
• 2008-2009 varietals were harvested and cellared
  by Michael Tingley, but completed by Joe.
• 2010-2012 wines were harvested and cellared
  under Joe's oversight and will becompleted by
  Dakota Denton.
Founding Winemaker
Michael Tingley
An authority in California winemaking, Michael helped lay the foundation for the winery GBV has become.
Michael Tingley
Michael Tingley is a highly respected consulting winemaker/enologist that has been involved in the production of fine wines in the Temecula Valley for over thirty-five years. He is an experienced wine judge and is a professional member of the American Society of Enology and Viticulture. Over the years, he has been responsible for the production of wines receiving many gold medals in Best of Class, Best of Region, and Best of Competition at various wine competitions.

Michael joined the GBV team in the earliest stages of the winery, planting of our vineyard and remaining an intricate part of our development and success for years thereafter.
These extraordinary limited edition wines were developed under Michael's watch:

• 2005 Aquilo Cabernet Sauvignon
• 2006 4-4-2 White Melange
• 2005 Zephyrus Zinfandel
• 2006 Villa Vino White Duet
• 2006 Villa Vino Rosso Red Duet 2007 Auster Syrah
• 2007 Eurus Merlot
• 2008 Erato Cabernet Franc
• 2008 Zephyrus Zinfandel
• 2008 Hesperus Grenache
• 2008 Aeolus Estate Blend
Winery Staff
The GBV family consists of the valley's most knowledgable, quirky, and fun wine enthusiasts.
Howard joined GBV in September of 2014, where he brought a passion for both winemaking and wine education in the tasting room. He has learned all aspects of our winemaking style at GBV and offers first class concierge treatment to each and every wine enthusiast that visits the winery.
Janis is a wine education veteran here in Temecula Valley. When the decision was made to open the winery every weekend for tasting, Janis came to GBV seeking a position where the wines were the subject and where she could further her—and our guests'—knowledge of winemaking. She has since participated in each harvest, standing along side our winemaker Dakota Denton. She assumeed winemaking responsibilities alongside of Dakota for the past years.
Kai came to us in 2016 initially to fill in with event management and Sunday winetasting. Kai hit the ground running and assists in all aspects of the winery and marketing company. Kai is outgoing and willing to do whatever it takes to make our winery the best in the Valley.
Jeff joined GBV in 2018 bringing a wealth of knowledge about tasting room management and farming. Jeff can be found in the tasting room, barrel room production and in the fields. He is a vital member of the GBV organization
Oscar Meyer
Director of Security
Oscar was arguably the most popular member of the GBV family, Oscar proved that ensuring our guests' safety and security didn't mean he had to be a stick in the mud. He also had the best attendence record at GBV happenings, dancing with dozens of brides and consuming countless flights in the tasting room. A true company man. Sadly, we lost Oscar this past year.
GBV is located atop
Beautiful HillsonDe Portola Road
Ken and Christina, owners of Gershon Bachus Vintners, can be persuaded to share their love of great wine with you. For those who have a special event in mind, the barrel room can be made available for a memorable occasion
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